How To Be Better Looking – Here’s Proof Women Really Do Care

If you’ve been involved in “The Game” for any length of time you’ve no doubt heard or been told  that looks don’t matter, that girls don’t really care about looks as much as guys do, and that all you’ve got to do is look around at all the ugly guys dating hot chicks for proof.

It is true to an extent that women care about looks MUCH less than guys do. However, they definitely care, they notice handsome men, and being a good looking man will make the hardest part of game (opening) infinitely easier on you.

Your favorite pick up artist, dating coach, guru – whatever you want to call them, they most likely don’t harp on men’s looks/appearance for a few reasons.

  • They’re trying to sell you something, and from a sales position saying ” I can teach anyone how to get girls” is a lot more lucrative than saying “I can teach handsome guys how to get girls”.
  • They’re good-looking guys (RSD Julien, Jeffy, Brad)
  • They’re REALLY good at this shit (RSD Owen)



Disclaimer: RSD does not fall into the first category, they aren’t going to bullshit you just to make a sale, that’s why when I was heavily involved in game they were the main advice I followed. You’ll learn more from their free YouTube videos than you will from pretty much anyone else’s paid products.


The RSD instructors actually recommend that you get your shit together in all areas of life – relationships, finances, fitness, etc. Some of them have even documented their fitness progress as well.

Tyler/Owen may joke that he is a balding ginger, but make no mistake about it… he’s made a huge transformation over the years. He’s not only more physically fit, but he’s really stepped his fashion game up, too.


That transformation was not an accident, and he’s only gotten better at game since

And don’t think you’re going hear it straight from the horses mouth, either. If you leave it up to women they will tell you “I love a guy who looks like he just doesn’t give a fuck! Scruff and messy hair is so sexy”.

The problem is, this is what a guy “who doesn’t give a fuck” looks like in their imagination:




Need more proof that looks matter?

This mug shot recently went viral.

A local police station posted it to their Facebook page. The quotes surrounding the guy are just a few of the facebook comments that were left on the original photo.



Bottom line… women notice good-looking men, improving your looks will only help you.

Here’s the good news – it is MUCH easier, quicker, and cheaper for a guy to be good looking than it is for a woman. Women spend thousands on hair products, cosmetics, clothes, etc. just to get a little boost in the looks department.

We’ve got it easy – cheap hair cuts, cheap clothes, and we don’t need make up.

I believe that most guys, even if they are not naturally handsome, can improve their looks by a few points quite easily.


How To Be Better Looking:

Lose Fat & Build Muscle – You may not have a jawline like the convict above, but losing some weight will make your jawline more pronounced, helping your face appear more masculine

As far as building muscle – you don’t need to be a jacked bodybuilder, but in my experience girls definitely like a guy with a little more muscle than average and a little more ripped than that. Think Ryan Gosling/Ryan Reynolds.

It’s genetically hard-coded into their DNA. It’s an indication of ability to produce healthy offspring, protection, and toss her around in bed like her scrawny ex-boyfriend couldn’t.


(Dat lip bite. No, I’m not recommended that you get as jacked as Flex Lewis. I just thought this was a hilarious gif)

Here are a few places that can help you get in shape:


Dress Nicely – Whether you’re currently in shape or not, you’ll want to wear clothes that flatter your physique. The good thing about being in shape is that clothes will naturally look better on you. The guys over at /r/malefashionadvice will hook you up.

Get a haircut that fits your face – Not every haircut works for every guy. For example, check out Owen from RSD rocking the long hair like Brad… doesn’t look as good on him. Owen and I have thin hair and big foreheads, we look better with a shorter cut. I’m pretty obsessive about having my hair cut every 2 weeks on the dot.

Find a good BARBER. Get advice about what type of hair and face you have, and the haircut that would suit you best. Personally I don’t believe in letting a woman touch my hair – I keep it short and fade it and most women are trained to use scissors, not clippers, but here’s a better explanation 


If you follow those 3 tips, I guarantee you will start to get more compliments on your apperance. Women will start to strike up conversations with you. You’ll feel more confident, and opening up a conversation with a girl will be much easier.

PS. I’m glad I was able to get that out of the way, because I truly believe that improve your appearance is a great way to get better results with women.

However, with that being said I have friends who are ridiculously good-looking guys and they can barely approach a girl in person. Their problem? They are socially awkward… more about that in my next post.

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